About Dr. Anatole Ruslanov’s latest book, Abandoning Exile

Abandoning Exile is a penetrating analysis and critique of both Western cultural values (“consensus reality”), and of the popular world religions and spiritual traditions, in terms of the problem of becoming a “Modern Seer”, or a being who seeks a truly awakened state. The book provides a modern reframing of the problem of awakening, and is intended to illuminate the core truths inherent in all the major spiritual traditions and world-views, extracting the key actionable ideas from the cultural introjects and other delusions within these systems, systems which almost universally are designed to bring short-term comfort and serve the power elite, more than actually helping people to grow spiritually.

One of the fundamental ideas here is that true spiritual growth happens through a gradual disidentification from all “thoughtforms”, which manifest as mind, ego, and culture, and increasing identification with what the author calls “Mystery”. “Mystery” is a transrational and transpersonal reality that can only be experienced directly. It cannot be known by the mind or through feelings. Yet, unbeknownst to the mind-ego-personality, it lies at the foundation of the rational and emotional aspects of our being, at the level of inspiration. An authentic spiritual awakening is very difficult to achieve, in part because of all the cultural and religious delusions that we must unlearn, and in part because the ego (body-mind) is genetically programmed by our primitive (limbic) brain structures to fight with all its strength for its own survival.  Our ego creates endless imaginary problems out of a pure desire to then “solve” these problems, thereby perpetuating the idea of its own importance.

However, there is good news here, which is that a true spiritual awakening is possible, and, ironically, never more so than in our current, troubled times. Dr. Anatole’s book provides powerful transformational insights to any sincere modern aspirant who is dissatisfied with the ideas and practices that are currently taught in the name of spirituality.

What is really required to achieve an authentic spiritual awakening?

An authentic spiritual awakening requires an honest, mature and skeptical attitude, deep reflection and introspection, the help of a teacher perhaps, a support community (“sangha”), and probably some devotional or service component. We are all slightly different in this, but with correct thinking, feeling and guidance, such as is described in this book, the endpoint becomes, if not assured (there is NO practice guaranteed to create awakening, not even regular and deep meditation), at least far more probable. The endpoint here is what Thoreau referred to as “a success unexpected in common hours“: a life of real fun and enjoyment, of contentment and inner peace, of creative action, service and contribution, and deep emotional connection to others and to Source. Very few of us have such a life, despite it being our universal longing. Dr. Anatole shows the way.

Abandoning Exile is the first book of a four-part series which represents Dr. Anatole’s life-work. Volumes two through four are currently being written.

Dr. Anatole is available for individual spiritual counseling sessions (see below), for talks and other public appearances. He is known not just for his incisive intellectual analysis, but also for demonstrating a quality of humor, heart, and authenticity.  You can read more about him on the bio page.

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