Modern Seers

All problems, personal and beyond, come from seeking power, the folly of ancient seers. Modern seers seek wisdom instead of power because they do not want to fall into the trap of power seeking. Thus, we make the crucial distinction between seeking wisdom and wanting power.

All good things come from wisdom. All human problems — personal and collective — are easily solved by wisdom. Yet, true wisdom is unusual in the world today. We do know how to use technology and we are experts at ego-tripping.

Our big public goal is to bring a cultural shift toward wisdom, away from power seeking.

This can be accomplished only if our leaders are experts in abhidhyan yoga, the state of all-embracing meditation. This is a state when ego-driven pursuits stop and the person is able to live in true freedom. This state is possible only when the person has traveled through the Nine Phases of Love. At Phase IX, they become modern seers capable of leading through wisdom, beyond falling into the trap of power seeking.

If you feel affinity with the above, then consider that all spiritual practices are about generating a real shift — several of them, in fact. You must change the river you are swimming in, or you will continue getting wet and dirty by the muddy water from the shallow creek you no longer want to wade in. Seek a wider flow and clearer water in a cleaner river…

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