Who are we?
We create space for people to develop wisdom, for those who are naturally inclined.

What do we do?
We provide tools for moving along the Nine Phases of Love, a way to increase meaning, purpose, and happiness in your life.

How are you different?
Every system has unique features and qualities but any effective system would move you along the nine stages. We are relaxed, open, and focused on not being unnecessary overbearing, either emotionally or intellectually. Our philosophy is “fulfill your desires first, worry about depth second, but focus on your purpose”.

How to start?
Make a contact with us that is not wishy-washy.

Why are you so uncomplicated?
Engaging complex teachings is the way most people avoid real growing. We are not about that. In fact, if you want to titillate your mind, we do encourage the arts, theater and circus; do invite us — will come with you.

More info?
The Vortexes Book lays out the first three phases of love as well as some additional tools for your growth forward. This could be a good place to start.