Modern Seers is about Visionary Spirituality without Dogma

Spirituality is about increasing joy and aliveness, about becoming superfunctional. Spirituality is about discovering your authentic vision -- by moving beyond outdated beliefs/dogmas, by developing clarity. Great vision inspires great living!

We help you to:

• Advance through Nine Phases of Love, the natural "stages" on the path toward universal love and wisdom.
• Free yourself from the beliefs (dogmas) that do not serve you and increase your love, wisdom, and aliveness.
• Become a seer -- a person who lives and works beyond groupthink (which makes people act as robots).
• Become a visionary who is focused on wisdom and love, instead of controlling others or exercising your narcissism.
• Become a blissful embodiment of the vibrant transformation (paradigm shift) that the world needs today.

How we are different: We are into fun, clarity, depth, and real change.