Nine Phases of Love

The Nine Phases of Love are natural stages on the forward path toward increasing meaning, purpose, passion, and joy in your life. As you move through the phases, your life acquires more depth and significance.

Our Modern Seers Vortexes system is a collection of practices that help to keep you focused on the path, which you will walk anyway. We understand that there is a choice at every moment, a choice not to waste time, a choice not to waste energy, a choice to take an indirect or direct route. This is not a choice of selecting which rice to buy at a market but a reality of walking the path, a path that cannot be described in language.

We feel that any time you hear people talking about the path, they are talking about religion — because spirituality is beyond language, at least our version. Hence, our view on the nine phases is that it is pointless to discuss them, even though the mind will try hard to grab onto words.

We feel that the path is a combination of Grace and silence. Mystery (God) does Grace. You do silence. You get to silence by working through the boredom of silent meditation. Real silence is pregnant with meaning, purpose, passion, and joy because it implies you being open to Grace.