“I recently enrolled in Anatole’s 1-year program and I have more to say about this than could fit in a testimonial. He is a big Russian bear of a man, unlike anything I could have ever thought or imagined as a spiritual teacher, and shockingly transparent in terms of his own issues, personality problems or whatever (including for instance his desire to lose weight). So this is first thing: he is a real person, warts and all, and with no need or desire to portray himself as an enlightened being or having all the answers. Secondly, I am fairly new to his system and to his religious thought (about a month) but we have been talking every day, not twice a week as he promises in his program. The impact of being with him in these conversations has been huge for me, life-changing. Every time we talk I feel more relaxed about myself, more confident, more in-tune to Mystery. And I mean EVERY time, this also has greatly surprised me, because nobody else I know is “on” all the time in terms of their feedback.

What I am ever-more learning about him, as our relationship is developing, is both that he is a serious intellectual in terms of his history (10-year celibate monk etc.) and research and understanding of religious or spiritual thought, his lifetime mission of deconstructing real spirituality and real awakening from cultural introjects and religious fallacies all around us; AND that he comes through, very clear and transparent for the most part, in wisdom, discernment, and heartfelt service to others. His commitment to the path is strong and deep and this shines through in his presence.

Having a “guru”, or a spiritual advisor or whatever you want to call it, a person on my team whom I feel really understands me and can guide the process of awakening has been a life-changer for me, as I said. In essence, prior to meeting Anatole I had given up the hope of having a spiritual awakening in this lifetime (I am very bad at meditation and all the spiritual teachers I have read have said that meditation is necessary for awakening. One of Anatole’s first teachings to me, was to debunk that notion. These days I am exploring a kind of “meditation in motion” and it is some degree of bliss for me). And the other thing that I am discovering now, as I have made a commitment to a full awakening and am beginning to get more connected to Mystery and to have Mystery run my life, is not only that I feel better about myself, but also that I am manifesting more easily and abundantly in the thoughtform (space-time) dimensions as well. Income is increasing, wonderful people are coming into my life, my leadership is expanding, etc etc. I have been marveling every day, really, about the gift that has been offered me, sometimes working on my self-worth issues around that, do I deserve such a gift of this. And Anatole is always reminding me: do you REALLY believe that Mystery can’t do this for you, something so simple and stupid as bring you money (for instance), or a girlfriend? (I mean, I am not asking for an immediate end to capitalism and global warming, lol.)”

Marc Beneteau, Internet entrepreneur and author of Circling and Authentic Relating Practice Guide.

“Dr. Anatole is an extraordinary and gifted mentor. His advice is always well thought out and comes from a deep well of wisdom. His sensitivity is ever-present, and his concern for my material and spiritual well-being is genuine. His abilities come not only from an extensive formal education, but from personal dedication and self-study as well as experiences on his own spiritual path.

Ms. Jamie Chandler, Professional Engineer, Salt Lake City, Utah

“Anatole is my dear friend and spiritual teacher. I enjoy meditating with him and talking to him about matters of life and spirit. One of my most powerful memories of connecting with Anatole was a brief meditation with him where we held hands. His energy immediately connected me to the power of the universe. I felt a sense of vast openness, love, and support. I continue to feel these qualities from him whenever I connect with him. I feel understood when I talk to him and find his insights extremely useful in my life”

Sherry Paris, Teacher of mathematics, dance, and spirit, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“Anatole is hilarious. He hates dogma. He has been a profound help in my life. He cuts through the BS, and gets to the nitty-gritty”.

Randy Goldberg, Family Constellation Therapist and professional astrologer at RandyGoldberg.org, Washington, DC