Find Heaven Without Nonsense!

You and me — all of us — want to be happy. We want to live a life full of meaning, purpose, passion, and joy. But these four change as we respond and grow. This frequently creates a disconnect when we need to move on but a stuck and scared part of us clings to the old.

Many people have lost interest in the ordinary ways of looking for meaning, purpose, passion, and joy. They walk around unhappy, with their heads buried and hearts drowning in work, family, and social connections that do not satisfy.

Happiness exists on at least four increasing levels of depth — physical, emotional, creative, and spiritual. Quite often, we have trouble accepting the fact that we need to move on — and to “move up”. Hence, many of us are stuck. We do not know how to switch toward pursuing higher expressions of meaning, purpose, passion, and joy. The result is dissatisfaction, depression, and being stuck. It can even spill into a bodily malady.

Dr. Anatole’s life work is about understanding and teaching the effective ways of reaching heaven, the finest happiness there is — because it is unconditional. He has dedicated his entire life to finding the answer and has made himself the primary guinea pig in this important quest. He prefers effective methods and real results and dislikes dogma, irrational thinking, unproductive cultural expectations, and similar nonsense.

Anatole D. Ruslanov, PhD, is an author and mentor. With his focus on clarity, depth, competency, and real results, Dr. Anatole offers skilled support to people who seek real and deep meaning, purpose, passion, and joy in their life. Dr. Anatole is available as a mentor and for public speaking and workshops. Read more here.