Dr. Anatole has always been interested in helping people find meaning, purpose, passion, and joy in their lives. What always distinguished his work, however, is his steadfast focus on clarity, depth, competency, and real results. Dr. Anatole knows that each person’s growth and evolution is a forward journey along a spiral ever reaching further.

Coming from a family of distinguished musicians, engineers, and architects, Anatole did not approach his own quest lightly. From the tender age of twelve, he doggedly pursued results that were real and deep. Early on, he understood that talk of food does not remove hunger; one must actually eat food, preferably of the nourishing, tasty, and colorful variety.

He was always skeptical about the standard narrative of birth, school, job, marriage, and kids, followed by death. Seeking freedom from this groupthink-endorsed trajectory, Dr. Anatole’s work always focused on his peers, on people who are not inspired by the McLife.

On his quest for spiritual depth, Dr. Anatole risked everything. Facing inevitable spiritual upheavals and emotional tribulations, he had to stumble over his own mistakes and then correct them by himself. Due to this, understanding what skilled support is and then offering it has always been a priority for him.

For being unconventional, he encountered substantial personal, social, and financial pushback. Working through external obstacles and his own internal resistance, Anatole achieved a vision of transrational truth and reality that he is now putting into words, to understand his own journey and more importantly be of worthy help to others.