Books by Dr. Anatole

Dr. Anatole’s books distill 40+ years of studying and teaching how to create heaven in your life — real happiness, not a fake heaven based on mind games, shallow emotions, pop psychology, personal growth gimmicks, or outdated religious ideologies. Hence, the tagline “Find Heaven Without Nonsense!” that he has chosen for his work. Dr. Anatole is very interested in what did and didn’t work for you. (Contact and communicate!)

Abandoning Exile

Abandoning Exile Book Front CoverAbandoning Exile is Dr. Anatole’s second book (first in the series). It answers these questions: What does not work for finding happiness? What prevents us from finding meaning, purpose, passion, and joy, the foursome that we all crave? How to avoid these pitfalls?

Abandoning Exile defines spiritual pain, which is the cause of most suffering. Spiritual pain is behind aimlessness living, emotional dysfunction, and depression. It may even cause physical ailments through somatization. Most people walk all their life unaware of this pain. How do we relieve spiritual pain?

Spiritual teachings — from organized religions to esoteric traditions — try to address spiritual pain but seldom succeed doing it well. This failure is due to the negative influence of dense thoughts that make us believe in fake success, while preventing achieving real success. Thus, we spend our life hoping for happiness but seldom finding — finding it while still alive, not after death. How do we refocus on seeking real happiness and find heaven in reasonable time?

Abandoning Exile is the first book of a four-part series, which rpresents Dr. Anatole’s life-work. Volumes two and four are in the process of being written.

Read the Table of Contents and Introduction section to “Abandoning Exile” here.

Modern Seers Vortexes

Modern Seers Vortexes is Dr. Anatole’s first book (third in the series). It contains a description of a powerful but uncomplicated system of spiritual practices that were designed from the onset to be dogma-free, no-nonsense, and culturally-neutral — while being effective.

A vortex is a whirlwind of energy, a force that draws everything that surrounds it into its current. Modern Seers Vortexes are spiritual tools that draw you toward manifesting your innermost desires in real life. By engaging the wisdom and passion of your deepest self, the Vortexes draw joy, aliveness, and satisfaction to your life.

The tools described in this book — when properly engaged — help to align you with Mystery. They help you move away from stuck thinking toward a new inner place where life works, prosperity rules, and happiness abounds.

Every generation needs new living teachings because new people ask new questions that need new answers. This book is part of a series that serves this need.

Modern Seers Vortexes is the third book of a four-part series which represents Dr. Anatole’s life-work. Volumes two and four are currently being written.

Read the Table of Contents and Introduction to “Modern Seers Vortexes” here.