Modern Seers Vortexes

Modern Seers Vortexes Book Cover Below is the Table of Contents of Modern Seers Vortexes, Dr. Anatole’s first book. It describes a system of dogma-free, no-nonsence, culturally-neutral spiritual practices, which he discovered and tested to be effective. You may read the Introduction section below, by clicking on relevant chapters. The book is available for purchase on Amazon and Kindle.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

1.1 Welcome
1.2 Motivation
1.3 Intention
1.4 The eight sets of Vortexes
1.5 How to engage the Vortexes?

2. Universal Vortexes

2.1 The Key Vortex: Relax, enjoy, and do something useful.
2.2 Practice of meditation.
2.3 Coaching.
2.4 Retreats.

3. Phase I Vortexes: Taste the experience

3.1 The Key Vortex at Phase I
3.2 Meditation practice: Insight Meditation.
3.3 Remember: Better and better!
3.4 Day intending.
3.5 Mind influence of others.
3.6 Daily deposit.
3.7 Uplifting mind-food.
3.8 Coaching: Consider.
3.9 Retreat: Yearly.

4. Phase II Vortexes: Go beyond tasting

5. Phase III Vortexes: Confirm the experience

6. Vortexes for Happy Mind

7. Vortexes for Healthy Body

8. Uplift the World

9. Vortexes for Inspiring Life

10. Final Thoughts