Mentoring Program

The point of the mentoring program is real, deep transformation.  This requires engaging a long-term process guided by Mystery. It is not about “looking while pretending to be finding”, but about delivering changes to your life that are permanent. Thus, Dr. Anatole prefers to work with a few committed persons individually.

Dr. Anatole believes in approaching transformation gently. You will not be pushed and there will be nothing forced. In the spirit of the Key Vortex, together you will learn how to truly relax, truly enjoy, and truly do something useful. Don’t confuse the seeming simplicity of the process with shallowness.

Here is how the long-term mentoring program works

You prepay. After that — for the duration of the period, Anatole will be available to take your calls, texts, and emails, as much as you need. You will have private meetings — which are phone or video sessions — several times a week or as needed, scheduled conveniently for you. The sessions must happen at least once a week to keep the momentum going, even if it feels superfluous or annoying.

Dr. Anatole requests a donation of $30,000.00 or equivalent for 12 month engagement, which can be discounted to $50,000.00 or equivalent if 24 months are prebooked. Limited scholarships are available and a payment plan can be arranged. The fees are not refundable because Dr. Anatole does not want you to make excuses, and the financial one is one of them. If working with you will contain a significant spiritual component (more than half), your fee can be treated as a tax-deductible donation.

In Dr. Anatole’s experience, short engagements, such as a six month term that he used to offer, are not enough to secure a lasting impact. Most serious students sense this intuitively. At six months, most people — even the eager ones — want to quit, impatient for the results and dissatisfied with their own excuses. One to two years, however, is usually sufficient to become stable in a more productive, happier worldview. Dr. Anatole is confident your life can be transformed, provided you give the process enough time. It is best if you have already done counseling/therapy to the point that you feel it is no longer useful for you. It is also helpful if you have done several years of formal meditation practice and also feel that it is no longer useful for you. But let Dr. Anatole determine your readiness, especially if you are hesitant. Please also note that expert mentoring is always cheaper than the wasted time or opportunity.

Our mentoring program is not for everyone. It is for people who have a burning desire to achieve a spiritual awakening in this lifetime, are done with excuses and wasted time and opportunity, and (maybe) have been around the “spiritual marketplace” for a while and are yet dissatisfied with what they have found there and disappointed in their results. The process does not involve fake renunciation, you will not do infinite rosary bead counting, and we will not practice any kind of “crazy wisdom” on you. Dr. Anatole has spent a lifetime inquiring and researching into the spiritual realm and has designed a program that works, provided you bring real intention and a modicum of free energy (free attention). Mostly, however, he works through the medium of direct intuition that naturally comes to one tuned to Mystery.

During your engagement, you will likely meet members of Dr. Anatole’s senior student team. There will be an opportunity for you to join the group upon your graduation. Dr. Anatole recognizes that many have done plenty much personal spiritual work and individual development, and are ready to move to the next stage of awakening. Some call it a new phase of human evolution, which is about moving from ego-focused, individual self-concern to an awareness of self that is unique, fluid, interpenetrating, and simultaneously aware of self and other. It’s now time to enter into the experience of unity by awakening and living it together. This program is one of the entryways into this new evolutionary space.

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