The Key Vortex

Modern Seers teachings can be condensed into one simple “instruction”, the Key Vortex: “Relax, Enjoy, and Do Something Useful”.

The Key Vortex came about from Dr. Anatole’s own natural personal life philosophy. Most people pretend to relax and enjoy because we are taught a perverted sense of responsibility, which replaces seeking real satisfaction and happiness — the two things that make life worthwhile — with activities that do not lead to happiness and satisfaction (or health). This Vortex, at its core, breaks the cycle by focusing on what is really important.

Relax: To relax means to let go and let be. Letting go of stiffness in our body, of useless concepts or stuck thoughts in the mind, of stuck emotions, of trying to get back at people who hurt us, of guilt about mistakes we have committed. Letting go allows you to start fresh and anew right now.

Enjoy: The present moment is important because the present is all you have — the only space for engaging and enjoying your life. You already lived the past. The future is a question mark full of potential events. If you focus on the now, you will have a chance to notice gifts that life brings you every moment.

Useful: You need to act and achieve in order to grow, feel good about yourself, and earn your worth to others and yourself. Finishing college, getting a job, saving for retirement, and becoming serious about your life and spiritual path are all examples of doing something useful for a better future. Big accomplishments begin with small first steps and proceed, until done, in small, manageable steps. Big or small achievements are always about taking concrete, positive steps to better yourself and your circumstances.

The first two parts of this Vortex (relax and enjoy) are needed for the last one (do something useful) to work well. If you are truly relaxed and truly enjoying, doing something useful will happen in an easy and smooth way because it will come out of inspiration.

(From Dr. Anatole’s book Modern Seers Vortexes.)