1.4 The challenge of mind-based media

We are here and it is now.
Further than that, all human knowledge is moonshine.
— H.L. Mencken

Books work through the medium of language and imagination, functions of the mind-ego-personality. The mind and language are natural media when writing or reading. Yet, how do we share knowledge that is at the boundary of thoughts and words, where language and mind begin to fail? This is a natural concern for people who want to go beyond thoughtforms, who are trying to tune to Mystery, and fathom the transpersonal.

This book is not against logic, reasoning, or rigorous intellectual inquiry. In fact, the transrational does not invalidate the rational, or vice versa. Yet, wisdom that is beyond conventional seems trivial, naïve, or foolish to ordinary minds. This impression is evidence of their depth.

Moreover, rationality is an ideology that has been implanted into our mind-ego-personality. It is a dominant ideology today, even among religious people. Blind belief in this ideology, at the expense of the transrational, defines membership in the Cult of Rationality. Participation in this cult comes with a sense of belonging, arrogance of professed righteousness, and threat of excommunication. We confuse internal consistency of our beliefs with reality, which makes us unaware of our membership.

Fearing the transrational and the transpersonal, we exile ourselves into this ideology of rationality and, thus, allow it to limit our choices, rob our life of color, and make us act as automatons. The awareness that one is a robot stuck in a society of robots is the defining trait of the target audience of this book.  Hence, the ideal reader likely possesses an intense desire to get out of this predicament.

Becoming aware of thoughtforms and tuning to Mystery requires leaping into the transrational. Mind-based media are poorly equipped at conveying such information. Abandoning the exile of thoughtforms is not a process that can be taught to the mind-ego-personality directly. This limitation of language and mind implies that this book has to be a power object.