1.5 What is a power object?

Words to me were magic.
You could say a word and it could conjure up
all kinds of images or feelings or
a chilly sensation or whatever.
It was amazing to me that words had this power.
— Amy Tan

Spiritual progress is fueled by contemplative drive and by power objects. In contemplation, we spend time observing our thought patterns in order to make better conscious choices and to achieve more inner freedom. Power objects, on the other hand, are tools that dramatically push us into a new world, thrust us into a different river to get wet with the new water. Power objects are a way to encapsulate, preserve, and transmit such spiritual power to you.

Common examples of power objects are mantras or sounds infused with spiritual power, places of pilgrimage or special locations permeated with spiritual power, People of Mystery or powerful teachers (wise men and women) who dramatically speed up your spiritual progress, and books written by such people who intend the text to be an item of power. Ultimately, the most effective power object is Mystery concealed within your own soul, even when obscured by thoughtforms.

Contemplative drive has a critical flaw: it makes one “cook in one’s own soup”. Many meditators spend years stuck at the same level of wisdom they started with, expecting a kick up to the level they don’t know. Power objects, on the other hand, help you move efficiently from one wisdom reality to another. Power objects speed up your progress by infecting you with new wisdom that is not familiar to you and with energy, in which you are deficient.

It is likely that this book will be read by people who do not have a cultural reference to the notion of power objects. But they would sense that each level of wisdom restricts how meaning, purpose, passion, and joy are expressed, according to the limitations of that level. They would find power objects appealing for their efficiency with reaching for higher levels at the outskirts of language and mind.

Accordingly, I envision this book as a power object that will transform your perception by reading it. The method used for this purpose is straightforward within its natural paradigm. I have not done this for fame and fortune or self-aggrandizement, as that would have been so tiring.