1.6 Is change in the air?

The changes in our life must come from
the impossibility to live otherwise than
according to the demands of our conscience,
not from our mental resolution to try a new form of life.
— Leo Tolstoy

We are at a fissure point in the status quo groupthink. It is obvious that we are living in a time of change and that the current groupthink is creaking at its seams. The ideas that used to inspire us now feel stale, false, and disappointing. Everywhere we can see that our institutions do not work well. Business, cultural, and religious organizations are struggling, stressed by their own ideology. We are fed up with the way they are set up, with their explicitly coarse aspirations and lack of wisdom.

We have succeeded at stripping spirituality off our religions and wisdom off our societies. We are obsessed with rationality and failing at being truly rational. We have reduced our temples and their priests to ego-tripping outfits driven by pop psychology. Our societies are destroying themselves from inside through rampant individualism and narcissism, and lack of wisdom in leadership.

This focus on the mind-ego-personality betrays that we have diluted our connection to Mystery, the Source of meaning and purpose that let us lead lives pregnant with satisfaction beyond superficial and immediate gratification. We have become smart enough to dump stupid ideas about God. But the need for linking ourselves to Mystery, the need for lively, active spirituality, has not disappeared, for we know in our hearts that there is little joy and satisfaction unless one keeps this link alive. People everywhere long for love and wisdom, for renewed sense of meaning, purpose, and a life of significance. They want to lead interesting and happy lives. They do not want to be dead, while their body is alive.

As never before, people want to control their own lives from within. The call of inner self is so strong now that the external control structures are collapsing. People everywhere sense that the current groupthink is dying. Putrid, it no longer supports what most people want in their hearts.

Knowingly or not, their hearts want the joy and permanence of attunement to Mystery. They just need to take the responsibility for nursing the link — because tuning to Mystery is a personal task that has to be done by each one of us individually. Society can only encourage it, even with the wisest leadership promoting the best consensus reality. Therefore, there is no need to wait. You can be the change now.