1.7 The only worthy pursuit?

Things that matter most must never be
at the mercy of things that matter least.
— Goethe

The spiritual path is about seeking wisdom. It answers the ultimate question about what is true and what is false, with respect to the direction of and depth in your life. Consensus reality has direct bearing on this process because the groupthink places constraints on how you exercise your independence, how open you are toward your soul’s call, how in tune you are with Mystery, and most importantly how deep you can go.

The spiritual path, by its very nature, is the way of continual spiritual alignment, the alignment between you and thoughtforms. It is an incessant dance of suppression, of civilizing your innermost self, your soul, by groupthink and your own mind-ego-personality, which are thoughtforms.

The path, therefore, is about making thoughtforms work for the deeper intention of your soul, for your particular expression of Mystery. It is about letting you shine, as a unique creation of God, through your ego and groupthink, both external and internalized.

The Source within you is your own particular emanation of Creative Matrix of the Universe, your particular expression of Mystery. The point of spiritual alignment is working for, rather than against, this Creative Energy within you. One feels true and the other false, with thoughtforms and groupthink muddling both the perception and the way.

False and true are simple concepts that are hard in practice — because the influence of thoughtforms is powerful. We are profoundly influenced and confused by both the ego (internal thoughtforms) and groupthink (external thoughtforms). In fact, the influence tends to be overwhelming, nearly unbearable, in youth.

If you pay too much attention to the external tick-tock world, you will invite spiritual pain to yourself. Spiritual pain is evidence that you are doing something wrong with respect to your soul. If you ignore it, the pain will increase and may present itself as emotional dysfunction or even as physical disease.

Most people seldom allow Mystery to control their life, which is why emotional dysfunction and physical diseases are considered a normal part of being human. Occasionally, we see people who are naturally tuned to their souls or who connect to Mystery through a spiritual training of some sort. Such people seem to spontaneously attract what they need to their life. Their natural alignment to Mystery brings events to their lives that ordinary people consider miraculous.

Since all of us are motivated by Mystery, we want the same, one way or another, consciously or not. We want our life to be deep and fun. Yet, we tend to imagine ourselves more capable of alignment and more agile in tuning to Mystery than we really are, especially if we grew up or live in a spiritually lackluster environment. That is we are in denial about being stuck in perpetuating the same old thoughtforms, a common state of most people and cultures today. Hence, the necessity of books like this one and the necessity of adopting a resolute attitude to spiritual alignment.

The ability to repeatedly disconnect from and reconnect to Mystery is what makes us human and our life fun. How we accomplish the reconnection does not matter much, as long as it is real.