How to engage the Vortexes?

The universe doesn’t give you
what you want in your mind;
it gives you what you demand with your actions.
—Steve Maraboli

The Vortexes work well only if you adopt the attitude of action. That is, you must engage the Vortexes for them to be effective. Reading is inspirational but action is about moving forward. Hence, do yourself a favor and start practicing today.

We have grouped the Vortexes into several Phases that we have found to be helpful at particular point of the spiritual journey. The Phases are meant to progressively increase the focus and intensity of your energy. You will do well if you invoke them—incorporate them into your life—in the manner intended. Start with Phase I, continue to Phase II and then Phase III. The Phases are not meant to be restrictive. However, you should let yourself feel the pull towards progression before engaging the “higher” Phase. This will happen in its natural time.

  1. Spiritual Vortexes (Phase I: Taste the experience) is where you begin the journey of reinventing yourself. This is a time of refocusing, a soft reinvention, with softness being key. In Phase I, you try things on for size and see how they feel. The important aspects are to give yourself space, let your energy settle, and really come into alignment.
  2. Spiritual Vortexes (Phase II: Go beyond tasting) is where you start to ride the current. Phase II is where the natural momen­tum really starts picking up. You have become aligned with the more authentic part(s) of yourself. Your energy is becoming more focused. Now that you are more open and clear you become a ready-vessel for wisdom. This might be painful at times as there will still be some holding patterns within that you will try/want to hold on. But the momentum of practicing the Vortexes will move you beyond these. The key here is to allow the process to work itself out. And it will! It always does, and it does so more beautifully than you could imagine.
  3. Spiritual Vortexes (Phase III: Confirm the experience) is the time to take the reins and become a confident charioteer / driver. This is where you learn to enjoy the intense beauty of deliberate action and co-creation. At Phase III, you will begin acting from a place of inspiration, not motivation. The difference between these two will truly be understood during this time in the journey. Simply put, motivation is forceful, and inspiration is seamless. The tendency towards the former will become an absurdity, and the tendency towards the latter will flow as natural as sunrise.

There are also two other sets of Vortexes that work in compliment to the primary spiritual Vortexes.

  1. The Universal Vortexes are the foundational teachings that are continually applied at all Phases and are explained separately at the beginning of this book and further described appropriately at each Phase.
  2. The four sets of Vortexes that apply to the various compo­nents of being human. The wisdom found within them will come naturally if you really engage the primary Vortexes, but becoming familiar with them and incorporating them into your life will prove to be fruitful.
  3. Happy Mind Vortexes will help keep your mind light and bright—and open to life’s new adventures.
  4. Healthy Body Vortexes will help keep your physical body healthy, energized, and fit for spiritual pursuits.

iii. Uplift the World Vortexes are about ways to better people and the world around you.

  1. Tips for Inspiring Life are Vortexes that are important advice for spiritual success.

As you reconnect to your deepest self, a feeling of lightness and lightheartedness comes to you. You begin to shine. And that is why the experiential program that is the companion program to the Vortexes is called Shining Being Training. Your soul begins to shine through—you are happy, playful, and eager for life. If you practice these Vortexes properly you will discover a whole new you and a real zest to life.

It is expected that it will take approximately 6 months to ripen the practice of each set of the Vortexes: six months for the Phase I Vortexes, six months for the Phase II Vortexes, and six months for the Phase III Vortexes. Some people may “ripen” their state sooner, in 3 months for example, while others may need up to 12 months or more. Do not practice the Phase II or III Vortexes until you are comfortable and proficient with the Phase I Vortexes. Feel free to look through the further practices to be ready when the time comes.