Seek not to follow in the footsteps of men of old;
seek what they sought.
—Matsuo Basho

The main intention of Modern Seers Spiritual Vortexes is to be: Simple, Effective, Honest, and Universal.

Let us have a brief look at these four important qualities:

Simple: We humans have a tendency to unnecessarily complicate things, and the spiritual path is no exception. Most traditional systems are collections of complex practices, steeped in long history and deep culture, the spiritual purpose of which has been mostly forgotten.

The Vortexes are simple and approachable practices, stripped down to the necessary essentials. If you truly explore them, you will experience the power of their simplicity. We see no sense for pointless complexity.

Effective: A critically overlooked component of spirituality is effectiveness. We believe that spiritual methods must be evaluated in terms of their effectiveness in reaching their own stated goals. The two questions to ask of any system are: How does it define success? How well does it achieve success?

If you practice the Vortexes sincerely and actively you will achieve:

  • Less resistance to success
  • A more fulfilling life
  • More happiness
  • More abundance
  • Greater health

Honest: The Vortexes do not have ulterior motives behind them, conscious or unconscious. They aim to help you achieve your goals, not to benefit anyone else.

Universal: The Vortexes were designed to work well in all cultures. These practices will benefit you regardless of your history, culture, and religious background.

Today, when so many people are turned off by religion and spirituality, it is good to question why we need a new take on spiritual practices. It is precisely because spiritual practices should be relevant to the people they are intended to serve. The questions spirituality must answer are: What do we want? How can we get there? Spiritual practices must answer these questions in the now to be relevant.