The only man I know
who behaves sensibly is my tailor;
he takes my measurements anew each time he sees me.
The rest go on with their old measurements
and expect me to fit them.
—George Bernard Shaw

All spiritual traditions aspire to re-connect you to your soul, to your deeper self. But their teachings need to be properly understood and correctly used. Huge problems arise in this endeavor.

Most traditions have their teaching buried in cultural and historical baggage. Currently available spiritual paths definitely contain opportunities for authentic spirituality. On the other hand, all present systems—organized Western religions, New Age approaches, Eastern contemplative traditions, and so on—carry a lot of cultural contamination. This is natural, because these traditions transmit solutions to problems posed by their respective cultures and their respective audiences. Even advanced seekers have problems dealing with such interference—separating culture and history from spiritual instruction and genuine spirituality.

An additional problem is that the spiritual teachings themselves may be outdated. They may have been effective, even state of the art, hundreds of years ago. But, times have changed. New people have come of age, seeking guidance, but the spiritual systems of yesterday have failed to catch up.

Young people today want spiritual practices that are dynamic without being shallow. They want practices that aim at depth without the baggage of outdated traditions. Modern Seers Spiritual Vortexes were designed from the ground up to address these needs of the new generation.

Moreover, the world is moving so fast now that the present cultural traditions have a difficult time keeping up with the speed of new developments. Yesterday’s spiritual technology, however state-of-the-art when created, becomes a stagnant belief system laced with dysfunctional or restrictive dogmas. Most of the spiritual traditions of today—however deep—are mired—however subtly—in the old. They do not do a good job addressing new questions, and the needs of today’s youth.

Modern Seers spiritual practices, such as these Vortexes and beyond, were designed to be simple, effective, honest, and culturally neutral (universal). They come from 30 years of experience engaging young seekers.

We strongly feel that the Vortexes are a crucial addition to the movement humanity is undergoing in the 21st Century.