The eight sets of Vortexes

Live your vision and demand your success.
—Steve Maraboli

In order for you to have an idea, a taste of what you are getting yourself into here is the list of all the Vortex sets/groups.

There are nine types of Vortexes, divided into nine groups that address every aspect of your life. Let us take a closer look:

  1. Spiritual Vortexes (Phase I) are intended for people who are interested in tasting the experience. This is where you start.
  2. Spiritual Vortexes (Phase II) are about letting a solid and serious experience in and achieving some wisdom derived from experience. It is the time to go beyond tasting.
  3. Spiritual Vortexes (Phase III) Vortexes are about confirming the experience and waking up to your life and your wisdom, hidden deep in your soul.
  4. Universal Vortexes are fundamental teachings that appear at each Phase. These Vortexes are explained separately at the beginning of this book and further described appropriately at each Phase.
  5. Happy Mind Vortexes will help keep your mind light and bright—and open to life’s new adventures.
  6. Healthy Body Vortexes will help keep your physical body healthy and fit for spiritual pursuits.
  7. Uplift the World Vortexes are about contributing to the wellbeing of our planet. They are pathways to help people and the world around you to become better.
  8. Tips for Inspiring Life are Vortexes that are important advice for spiritual success.

Please read the next segment to learn how to engage the Vortexes. If you are impatient to begin: You should start with practicing Phase I Vortexes, see Page 28.