If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.
—Milton Berle

We must welcome the future, remembering that
soon it will be the past; and we must respect the past,
remembering that it was once all that was humanly possible.
—George Santayana

A vortex is a whirlwind of energy, an irresistible force that draws everything that surrounds it into its current. Modern Seers Vortexes are potent spiritual tools that draw you increasingly toward what you truly want. They pull you toward manifesting the desire of your inner being in real life. Reaching out for and engaging the wisdom and passion of your deepest self (your soul) has the side-benefits of living a life of satisfaction, but most importantly it brings the feeling of joy and aliveness to your life.

This book presents a complete system for reconnecting to your deepest being. The Vortexes described in this book—if properly engaged—will consistently bring you into alignment with that Energy which has been called the Great Mystery, Source, Cosmic Consciousness, Supreme Being, etc. The brilliant aliveness of that Energy will shine through you when you become proficient at engaging the Vortexes.

As you “encounter” and engage the Vortexes you will recognize their power in moving you forward. The Vortexes will realign you to focus more on you, the real you, not the constructed you as imposed by your family, culture, your own expectations, and the expectations of others. The Vortexes draw you into your authenticity and call you to meet the real Reality. Meet It directly, walk the walk—meet It raw and unabridged, wild, untidy, exciting, lively!

Read the next few pages first. They explain how to start and what to expect. (Hint: You start by engaging Phase I Vortexes.)

Thank you for picking this book up, from Modern Seers and from the good old Universe as well. Let your life be no less than super amazing, and let the Vortexes be of service in that journey. Live lively!