About Dr. Anatole’s latest book, Abandoning Exile

Abandoning Exile is a penetrating analysis of consensus reality and the spiritual traditions it spawns — thought systems that are designed to bring shallow comforts and serve the power elite, rather than helping people to grow spiritually.

An authentic spiritual awakening is difficult to achieve, in large part because of all the cultural and religious delusions that we must unlearn, and in part because the mind-ego-personality is wired for its own survival, not transcendence. The ego creates endless imaginary problems out of a pure desire to then “solve” these problems, thereby perpetuating the idea of its own importance.

Abandoning Exile is a book focused on analyzing what prevents us from finding meaning, purpose, passion, and joy, the foursome that we all crave. The culprit is thoughtforms or self‐perpetuating clouds of thoughts that block out inspiration, distort reality around us, and define what we are permitted to experience. Most traditions have some awareness of thoughtforms but fail to address the problem they present adequately.

The book discusses what does and does not work for relieving spiritual pain — for freeing yourself from the adverse influence of thoughtforms. It offers spiritual guidance that is relevant and effective, and inspires real upshifts in your wisdom. Dr. Anatole wishes he had a book like this when he was young, which is why he wrote it.

Abandoning Exile is the first book of a four-part series which represents Dr. Anatole’s life-work. Volumes two and four are currently being written.

Anatole D. Ruslanov, PhD, is an author and mentor. With his focus on clarity, depth, competency, and real results, Dr. Anatole offers skilled support to people who seek real and deep meaning, purpose, passion, and joy in their life. Dr. Anatole is available as a mentor and for public speaking and workshops. You can read more about him on the bio page.

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